Thursday, September 29, 2011


Don't kids just amaze us? Just when we think we have it figured out they change stuff. Not just my son, but my little daughter is just so amazing how she constantly wants to learn new things. My husband pointed out yesterday. You know Tracy, Christian is so much like me and Julianna is so much like you. Christian is so laid back and chilled and Julianna won't stop laughing and moving. That is totally true.

We are confident that Autism doesn't define who Christian is. There are times when we get so irritated with the Autism that we are just ready to throw it out the window and then we look and he did something so neurotypical. I think on the surface the Autism is there and then when you break through that skin, you see the real person just trying to get out.

How true is that in real life? You can't truly know who a person is unless you break through that initial barrier and find out who that inner person is. I know it sounds like such an elementary view but isn't it true? We judge and judge and judge without finding out the facts first. I encourage you to break that trend. Everyone needs a friend! How cool if we could be that friend to someone in need?

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