Sunday, October 23, 2011


A couple of months ago, we began going to a new church. We knew that we wanted to find a new church in our area and came across a covenant church we really liked. We were embraced right away. Church has always been tough for us because of our son. It is so hard to take him to any type of structure place because he doesn't follow rules like a regular kid. Even playgrounds are tough because other kids can tell he is different and no one ever wants to play with him unless it's making fun of him or asking me what is wrong with him. We always thought church would be the once place that we would always be accepted no matter what. For a little while I think I was bitter that churches didn't take Christian for who he was or have the right programming for him. Now, 5 years later, I have a different viewpoint on it. It would be near impossible at this time for every place to have some program for special needs children. Most places don't have a program or plan in place unless they are faced with a situation where they need to have a plan. People seem afraid to take a chance. With or with out Autism, my son deserves everything that a regular kid has. He needs church and friends just like everyone else. The children's minister at our church had never been faced with finding a 1:1 helper before but has accepted our son as apart of the Church. This morning we were blessed by having 4 people volunteer to rotate on Sundays so that my husband and I can enjoy church together. How cool is that.

If you have a special needs child and want he or she to get involved in something, don't be afraid just ask. We can choose to be spectators or participants in life. We sit back and watch it go by or we can live it. There is someone that knows the answers to your questions whether you want to get involved in church, sports or other activities. I have spent many moments in my life not doing something because I figured it couldn't happen or it wouldn't work out. I find when I take a chance even if I fail, I at least know I tried.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Don't kids just amaze us? Just when we think we have it figured out they change stuff. Not just my son, but my little daughter is just so amazing how she constantly wants to learn new things. My husband pointed out yesterday. You know Tracy, Christian is so much like me and Julianna is so much like you. Christian is so laid back and chilled and Julianna won't stop laughing and moving. That is totally true.

We are confident that Autism doesn't define who Christian is. There are times when we get so irritated with the Autism that we are just ready to throw it out the window and then we look and he did something so neurotypical. I think on the surface the Autism is there and then when you break through that skin, you see the real person just trying to get out.

How true is that in real life? You can't truly know who a person is unless you break through that initial barrier and find out who that inner person is. I know it sounds like such an elementary view but isn't it true? We judge and judge and judge without finding out the facts first. I encourage you to break that trend. Everyone needs a friend! How cool if we could be that friend to someone in need?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


In life we develop a lot of dreams and hopes for ourselves and those around us. I think in most occurrences, we hope that people can achieve those dreams. Every day that I live, I come up with more and more things that I want to see happen and done. Our dreams have to come from somewhere right? Most of my dreams and hopes these days come from my love for my children and my love for Jesus.

When my son was first diagnosed with Autism, I never really knew how to react or respond. I just kind of lived the new life I was given. My new life of constant therapies, odd phases, repetitive behavior, learning sign language so I could communicate with him and trying to make everything work as normally as I could. The reality I once knew was gone. I was forever turned into a mother of a special needs child. Being a mother of a special needs child was nothing I was prepared for or for that matter wanted. I had everything planned out for my child. He was going to sleep through the night right away, follow the perfect nutritious diet, have a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of 2, and of course be potty trained by the age of 2. Now I didn't just make those things up. These are all things that had happened for other parents I knew so I figured my child would be no different.

Well it has been almost 5 years since my son was diagnosed with Autism and I can honestly say, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is a tough and frustrating road but really whose road isn't? Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. We can't chose our roads or paths. The good part is that God is with us along that path. He won't put us in a situation if He didn't know already that we can handle it. My dreams have sure changed and I love the dreams I have.

About a year ago, I started thinking of all the things I have wanted to do in my life and just never do anything with them. Now, I'm not talking about the typical ones of bungee jumping and skydiving although those would be cool. Some of the biggest dreams I have had are to write a book, and create a business for people with special needs. Beginning last fall, I completed the first one of writing the book. The book is an autobiography with a big emphasis on raising a child with Autism. It's about recognizing that God is with us in all of the big and small things whether we recognize that or not.

When it comes to creating a business, I owe the dream all to my son. Without him, I wouldn't have the same passion for helping people with special needs. The business idea is many parts. Ideally I would like to create a place where people of all special needs can come and hang together and not feel judged. It would be a place that parents could get help from other parents and where the children wouldn't be told to stay still or quiet. They could be themselves. It would be a place that could be hired by other organizations for consulting. It could be so many things.

So why share my million dollar idea?? Because in life, we can't do everything on our own. We all need help. But we won't get help if we don't ask for it. So if you can help at all with my dream, please just respond. Maybe you've heard of people that are doing this or you've had similar ideas.

What is your dream??